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Wall of memory


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I am sorry the wall of memory is not working at the moment. It was associated with the domain lungcancersurvivors.org that was redirected on Friday and therefore I am trying to unback the database that runs it.

I will keep you posted.

Sorry everyone, I thought I had it all moved over because I presumed that it would be redirected by Estrea one day and it was... She owns the domain and it was her right to redirect the domain name...

I had made every preparation in case they took the domain name and I guess I overlooked this one. I am sorry everyone and will work to get it all back on the Wall Of Memory....



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I hope this gets smoothed out soon. At work today I just met a new employee who just lost her patent to lung cancer , very quickly. I told her we had a group of caregivers greiving and about the wall. Now if she tries it tonight , it won't be there. Hope all gets smoothed out. You worked so hard for that feature. Donna G

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