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A foul Wind blows

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September 8th 2020

A Foul Wind blows 

Well so much for a simple outpatient procedure.  7 plus days in the ICU I'm going home without the chemo port and have a PICC line instead. I hate these things and we have to go back weekly to get it cleaned, flushed and dressing changed.  It can't get wet and you have to keep it wrapped or it catches on everything. They say it's temporary and they're going to wait to see what my immune systems does.  Um you just pumped me fool of chemo, how do you think my immune system is going to react?  

Still no genetic test results.

The family is coming. Reno, Chicago, Louisville, Scranton, and Not the family reunion I wanted but still will be nice.  I was lucky relatives from Japan were just here before cancer.

Hair is starting to thin I'm not eating. Sleeping most of the day.  I know what I'm in for and the dismissal odds of making it past Christmas. have I made a mistake, should I have just had the brain surgery and tried to have a 4 month long living wake?  

My brother doesn't like the idea of my second opinion coming from MD Anderson.  My cancer center is an affiliate so what's the difference. I personally just want a second group of eyes.  There's a national playbook for lung cancer and I figure everyone is going to follow it.   One of his frat brothers is an oncologist at Moffitt and I agree to call him.
It's been a month and still no genetic results.

There's a tropical storm headed our way.  Everyone wants to know if we're evacuating.  Hummingbirds are still with me out back.  If they're not afraid I'm not.

The 15th and 16th September 2020
 what was supposed to be a tropical depression quickly goes from tropical storm Sally to a full blown category 2 hurricane.  Me and the hummingbirds watch it from the back porch as the house blocks the wind.  Too late to go now.  The Hummingbird warning system not too accurate.  Next day fire and rescue pull up in a boat and evacuate us.  Everything below 9 feet is just gone.  All the work I've done is undone.  40 years of collecting tools , gone.  My built jeep gone. Bar gone. Dock crushed by a runaway barge . But we made it just fine.  Go to my parents until we can get power and water back and some transportation.  I'm down almost 30 pounds since this started. These last 12 days have been tough.  I better make it to Christmas.


Up next the results are in.

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