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Interim treatment

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September 18th 2020 : Interim treatment

Back home with Still no genetic results.  Neighbor was kind enough to make the house safe.  We have electricity and running water. I'm of no help whatsoever.  I have so much cancer it's just hard to understand how it got this bad so quick. 


Carboplatin and Taxol CarboTax is a  catch all lung cancer treatment.  I keep wondering is it going to get me to Christmas.  I can't see my tumors growing so I guess it's slowed them down.  I so don't want a tracheotomy. Hopefully they find someone willing to do a gross dissection of my neck. I want this gone.

We will do the gamma knife to the tumors resection bed in after my brain has had a little time to heal.  As long as we don't go whole brain I'm good with it. If I need whole brain this chemo better work or they find something targetable because I honestly would just rather not.

Here's a little about the interim treatment.

Carboplatin is a derivative of cisplatin.  Cisplatin was first discovered in 1845 by Michele Peyron and finally FDA approved 133 years later in 1978. Carboplatin was designed to have fewer side effects and FDA approved in 1989. It works from within cell inhibiting proper DNA replication.

Taxol (paclitaxel) was originally made from the bark or the Pacific Yew tree(Taxaceae).  Used for thousands of years to treat many things from tape worms to lung cancer.  It was part of the original 1955 National Cancer institute plant search.   Approved in 1992, this drug was developed by the American tax payer and would become the most profitable chemotherapy drug of all time.  For Bristol Myer Squibb.  It works my stabilizing the microtubules in cells preventing them from dividing.  Microtubules do many things but here they give the cell structure.

Gross dissection they will take all the lymph nodes, tumor,  muscle and flesh on the right side of my neck.

Gamma Knife is  stereotactic radiosurgery to the brain or head and neck.  It's the only radiation treatment I will do to the brain and one of the reasons I chose this cancer center.


The Results are i-->

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