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lung cancer on prime time TV


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Hey Tee Taa...

I found the OC website and wrote to the moderator asking him if he would be able to contact the producers about this website and have it posted at the end of next weeks episode. I haven't heard back from him yet.

If you guys want to ask him too, his email address is stevo@prospero.com

Hopefully someone gave me the legite email address.

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Wow, Natalie, that's GREAT!! I sent a message to FoxTV yesterday, but haven't gotten anything back. They probably get WAY too many requests to even process, and I didn't know there was a way to go through something associated specifically to The O.C. Let us know if you hear anything else!


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Thank you for a) the collective info and B) the wonderful tenor of this string of posts.

I, too, will e-mail.

After a grueling week where I have not had the wherewithal to reply to many a post (including some very kind ones to me)--reading this string made me feel "human" again--and I actually put thoughts of "cancer", "illness", and everything that is related to them out of my head as I read.

I would not have expected exactly THAT from logging on to this particular site--the wonders of this board never cease.

I just smiled as I read everyone's "confessions" and enthusiastic discussions re: favorite TV shows.

Thanks a million.


PS--I am unfamiliar with "The O.C.", but will now educate myself. I have to confess that I am a "Third Watch" and "The Wire" addict much to Geoff's utter distain. I also loved the old seasons of NYPD Blue--and the original Law & Order (with Chris Noth). And "Seinfeld" re-runs still make me smile when I am having a tough night.

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