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Sore Throat


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My husband has had a severe sore throat before diagnosis and after diagnosis. He says it feels like strep. We have asked all his Dr.'s and no one seems to have a clue. They took cultures and scoped..nothing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Dear Judy,

What is it your looking to find out? So much can depend on a person having a sore throat. The tumor maybe resting dear the throat, lots of things could cause it. My father lost his voice before he was dx.d and he never did get his voice back up until the day he passed on. Could you share with us a little more information about your husbands dx.s? Maybe that would better help us to help you. What type of lung cancer does her husband have, and do you know what stage he is? Just basic information can sometimes help us to help you.

Best wishes.

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