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Need some creative help with Mom!


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Hi everyone!

Hope today finds you all doing well and keeping the faith! Mom is home here and my living room now looks like a fancy hospital room and she is very happy! She is eating better but hasn't been strong enough to get out of the hospital bed but P/T, O/T and Home Health Care is coming out soon so they will be helping her get out of bed and on her feet. We have some real challenges changing bed linens, baths, bed pans, vitals, breathing treatments, oxygen masks and canulas and but love conquers all and we are making it work.

So....here is the problem that I need help with....my poor Mom hasn't been able to wash her hair for quite a while and it is falling out faster than I can brush it due to just her ONE chemo session. Does anyone have any suggestions to give me to do her hair while in bed and in your opinion will all of her hair fall out soon or just in hunks? I want her to feel good about herself and have made her pretty gowns that are easy to get in and out of as well as using the bed pan but her hair has me stumped! God has given us all a real peace so we are enjoying it to the max to make her happy. She said for me to tell everyone that she so appreciated everyone's encouragement to me and our family but most of all your prayers!

Hugs, Linda

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It sounds like your Mom is going to lose most of her hair. Mine started coming out after 3 weeks on Chemo, I could pull handfulls out at a time. I went to my hairdresser and she shaved it off very close to the scalp, there was still just some fuzz on top, not down to the skin. I got a wig and started wearing it that day, right out of the salon. She works with cancer patients and advised it. She said it would just be a mess and get all over my clothes etc. so I let her do it. You can get your mom some of these little caps or cloth turbans that are very pretty in a lot of department stores or wig salons if she doesn't want to wear a wig. They keep your head warm and are very cute, I wear them in the house instead of the wig which gets hot.

Bess B

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Dear Linda,

It sounds like your Mother is really comfortable and that you have everything under control.

I was thinking about your Mom's hair and have a few suggestions.

When I first started losing my hair, it came out in hunks--everywhere. I woke up with lots of hair on the pillow and even in my mouth! I immediately had my head shaved. I didn't have any problem with losing my "crowning glory" if it meant that I had a chance to get well. If your Mom is agreeable to having her head shaved or even getting a very short bob, you might be able to find a hairdresser to come to your home to do this for her. Maybe you could arrange a manicure too and she could have a day of beauty, depending on how she feels.

My second suggestion would be to get a sleeping cap for your Mom. If she keeps her hair, this will catch the hair that is falling out. If she has her head shaved, this will keep her head warm. I bought a very soft and cute sleeping cap in the hospital Women's boutique where I bought my scarves.

Let your Mom make the decision, if possible. Losing your hair can be a shock. Eventhough I didn't mind losing my hair, it was a reminder of my situation everytime I looked in the mirror.

Take care and please wish your Mother a beautiful Mother's Day for me.


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