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Please say a prayer....


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I posted about my uncle who drs said had NSCLC stage IIIb, then how biopsies were inconclusive, and last week under good news about how it wasn't cancer....

Well they aren't sure again, and he took a turn for the worst this weekend. He went back to the hospital and is quickly deteriorating. One lung has collapsed, he's now in ICU and the family has given permission for him to put put on life-support. It all happened so fast and they still don't know what he has, could be cancer, could be some massive infection, although they do know he has a "mass/lesion" the size of a lemon in his lung.

We're all praying hard for a turn-about and that the drs manage to stabilize his condition and figure out what he has.

Please add us to your prayers......thanks

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How awful for you and the family. It is amazing that with all the medical technology we have that sometimes the doctors are completely baffled. I am hoping and praying things turn around for your Uncle. Prayers going up.... Love, Sharon

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I replied to your other post and suggested you ask about Valley Fever or fungus. Those things are often mistaken for cancer. They are also very difficult to diagnose unless they are looking spacifically for them.

Several years ago my nieces husband became very ill. In the hospital his condition was not getting any better. A chest exray showed a spot on his lung the size of a grapefruit. They suspected cancer. Finally one of her children found the site about Valley Fever and told her about it. She asked his doctor to test for it. The biopsy took two weeks to confirm and when they did it was Valley Fever. It requires special treatment. Normal antibiotics didn't work.

This may be a long shot but it is worth checking into. Had they not discovered what was wrong with my nieces husband when they did he would not be alive today. Recovery was slow and he is still on medication after several years but he is alive and living a normal life. Type Valley Fever into your search window and read up on it. Ask his doctors to test for it. What can it hurt? You just never know what it will take to save someones life.

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