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  1. Praying for you Don. God Bless, Jane
  2. I would like one Andrea and I am sure my family members will. How do we place the orders? God Bless, Jane
  3. Awesome Geri!!!! I will certainly raise a glass for you on Saturday! God Bless you and keep you well, Jane
  4. 1 1/2 hrs till Monday here .... cant wait to know!!! God Bless you, Jane
  5. Joan, How wonderful!!!! Congratulations to all!! God Bless, Jane
  6. Fall54

    Avery's Picture

    She's just awesome Don!!!! Congrats!! God Bless, Jane
  7. Dear Chris, What an amazing post and tribute to you're Dad. I am so very sorry and I pray for you're family. God Bless you all, Jane
  8. I am so very sorry Shelley!! Prayers being said God bless you all, Jane
  9. Fall54

    Almost 50!!!!

    Happy 50 !!!! Happy NED!!!!! Yes, God is good!! Have a wonderful birthday celebration Cindy!!! God Bless, Jane
  10. Fall54

    I'm Buyin'

    Oh Kasey.... i am soooooooooooo happy for you!!! You keep doing what ever it is you're doing girlfriend!!! Fred is so lucky to have you by his side and in super shape in body and mind to help him!! God Bless you both, Jane
  11. Fall54

    Randy Cappiello

    Dear Nick, I am so very sorry for the loss of you're Mom. My prayers for you're family. God Bless, jane
  12. Fall54

    Lost Member

    May Amy rst in the arms of the Lord. This is such a sad post. I have to say No, I didnt know her but I am sad just the same. Prayers for her family and children for strngth and comfort. God Bless them all, Jane
  13. Dear Sharon, You just dont know how much we NEED news like this!! You GO girl God Bless you, Jane
  14. Fall54

    I am in shock now.

    I am so very sorry. May God give you strength and comfort. God Bless, Jane
  15. Fall54

    Lucie Fly Wood

    Dear Don, I am so very sorry. I dont know why but I always felt Lucy would be here. She will be in spirit, I know. I can only imagine you're devastation and lonliness for the love of you're life. You were both so very fortunate to have had each other. You will have each other again Don in heaven where there is no ending and no pain or worry. Prayers for strength and comfort for you and you're family. God Bless you all, Jane
  16. Fall54

    Special Touch

    How awesome!!! She is a wonderful Daughter. Have a wonderful wedding day with her Mom!! Wow! God Bless, Jane
  17. Dear Lori, I am so very sorry. You did EVERYTHING you could do and you're Mother was so lucky to have you. I am praying for you Sweety. God Bless, Jane
  18. absolutly beautiful Randy! Thank you! I will be passing this on to others. God bless you, Jane
  19. Fall54

    Don Wood

    My prayers continue Don for OUR sweet Lucy. God bless you all, Jane
  20. Dear Don, I have been away the past few weeks and was shocked when I came home to read this. I am praying so hard for OUR lucy!! Keep strong and know we all care so much and are praying for Lucy to get better and be returned to you and your family feeling oh so much better. God Bless you all, Jane
  21. I am so very sorry Melinda. My prayers for you and your family sweet one. God bless you all, Jane
  22. Awesome website Rich!!!! I will be donating!!! God Bless you, Jane
  23. Dear Pat, My heart just aches with you're words. I know there is nothing I can say or do to help that pain or feeling of emptyness. I have to ask the good Lord to help you and all the others and even myself through our losses of our loved ones. I do not handle loss well. I always thought I was a very strong woman but have found when it comes to loss I am mush! I have to go to God as I cant find any other way and I know He is the best and only way. You continue to always be in my prayers dear Pat, Love, Jane
  24. Dear Jan, Please accept my sincere sympathy for you and you're family. IF cancer is going to take you we have to be grateful when it is swift and painless. If there is one consolation with my Brother's death it was that it was painless and quick. A loss is a loss however and it still hurts no matter how we lose people that we love. You and you're dear family are in my prayers for strength and comfort. You're dad will be forever with you in you're heart and memories. God Bless you all, Jane
  25. Dear Missy, I am so very sorry. I am so very sad for all of you. You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless, Jane
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