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My husband was taking Oxycontin for pain since he was diagnosed. With all of the treatments, scans and proceedures he had done it was no problem meeting our share of cost (medicaid) to cover his meds. When he was found to be stable with appointments and scans every 3 months, we couldn't meet our share. His Oxycontin cost 1300.00 (not counting other meds) a month and we had used up all other resources for help to cover this. His doctor then switched him to methadone in place of the Oxy due to finances ( it was about 60.00 a month). He took it for about 2 months with no side affects. He said was as good as the oxy. Now he is back on the oxy through the patient assistance program from the manufacturer with no cost at all. We had applied for this when he switched meds. Mind you when I first heard Methadone I thought WHAT, thats what they use for heroine addicts. I never knew it was a pain medication too. Sorry this is so long.

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My husband has been taking Methadone for about 6 monhs now. It really was a vast improvement for him. Prior to getting this prescribed, he was taking only oxycodone and oxycotin for pain. It was to the point that he would take about 20 mg every 3 hours. He was so drugged up and out of it most of the time. He slept a lot. He couldn't take it while at work or when he was expecting to drive so he just suffered with the pain.

Once he received the methadone, he was able to control the pain with lower doses of methadone every 4 hours, and only takes about 10 mg of oxycodone once a day now at bed time. It doesn't knock him out and it really improved his quality of life.

My main concern was that the high levels of oxycodone he was taking previously. Oxycodone and Oxycotin are respiratory suppressants, and there are high risks with taking high doses often that it can stop his lungs from functioning and he might die in his sleep from suffocation. I feel much better now. He met with a pain management doctor who helped him get his pain meds in line and control the pain with less risk and increase quality of life.

I hope and pray that Methadone works well for you


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