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PCI comparisons: 20 times, 36 gy, 1.8 fraction

S. Jane

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My Dad "Chick" met with the Radiologist today to discuss PCI. Thanks to ALL OF YOU who helped me research this topic, Dad was VERY well prepared and asked EXCELLENT questions.

Now Chick would like to know how his treatment compares to what the radiologist has said.

His Doctor had told him he would receive 10-12 treatments, the Radiologist has said 20. He gives it in 36 gy and 1.8 fraction (though information I had given Dad recommended 30-36 gy with 2-3 fraction) The Radiologist says he does it a little at a time to minimize the side effects of headache, nausea, etc.

He also said there is a possibility of permanent hair loss.

What I think I should know the answer to, but don't is: What is the difference between Whole Brain Radiation and PCI? They do the whole brain, but is it a different kind of radiation?

Thank you.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


I'm 99.9% sure that PCI and WBR are one and the same.

I will have another brain scan done this coming Wednesday and then decide if it's for me. My rad. onc. mentioned 17 visits. I'm not sure of the dosage. Thanks to your post I will be sure to ask.

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I had PCI and had 15 visits. My hair started to come back about a month and a half after my last treatment and has since gotten to where I may need a trim in another 3 - 5 months, lol. Growing slow but growing!

I had some very short term memory loss and minor fatigue when I had the PCI. No real problems.

Prayers and best wishes being said!

God Bless, MO

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Dad's day for beginning PCI is tomorrow. Does anyone know what the "fraction" in the PCI dosage means? I'm guessing, but could be TOTALLY off, could it be the portion of the brain that they radiate at a time?

Bit nervous for dad, because of you all writing in about PCI, Dad is prepared with a prescription for Decadron (sp.) the steroid in case he gets a headache because of swelling.



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