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Jim Thome has announced his mother's diagnosis and tretment for lung cancer. She was diagnosed in October. The only mention toward tobacco was that he has given up his chewing habit. There was an article in the Burlington County Times, and ESPN just mentioned it. I did email the Phillies and asked them to send it to Jim, thanking him for becoming public, and inviting him to our site (and his mom too).

I knew I liked the guy--I think he was in Cleveland before us, and his mom is in Peoria Illinois.


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I am sorry to hear about Jim Thome's mother. But he has a big voice in the Phila. area and maybe, just maybe, we may get some big publicity.

The Phillies main charity is ALS and I have a very good friend that is in the final stages of ALS right now, so I applaud the Phillies for there good works there,


Wouldn't it be great if they had two charities.


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