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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Thanks Geoff - I especially appreciated the article on estrogen receptors in the lung. I've been wondering lately if I should cut down on my enormous intake of soy (I'm a vegetarian). I think this is the answer. From now on, a little soy will do.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Confusing alright. I do think I need to cut back my soy a little. For breakfast I have soy protein powder with rice milk. I also eat miso, tofu, tofu cheese, etc.

I wonder if soy protein powder would be considered "designer food" as mentioned by Dr. Weil. It is true that Oriental people who eat much soy have far less breast cancer but I wonder if they eat such things as tofu cheese? I'm pretty sure they don't usually eat soy protein powder.

My soy protein powder contains all vitamins and minerals, spirulina, bee pollen, lecithin, bromelain, papaya, insoitol, and more. I think I'll keep that and drop some other tofu products.

Geez, no wonder it's so hard for people to decide what's best for them when even the researchers disagree.

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