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Catherter removed


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Thank you so much for asking about my catheter removal. Yes, I did have it removed yesterday. It was actually not as bad as I thought it would be, but there is a reason for that:

Apparently, all the pain I've been having has been due to the catheter. The pulmonology department at MD Anderson says that "MOST" of their other patients never experience the problems that I did and I must just be a "sensitive" person. That made me feel like they think I'm just "weak" and a hypocondriac (sp?)!

They went on to explain that the catheter was a "foreign body" in me and my body was rejecting it therefore causing the pain. When I asked if it could have been a latex allergy, they most certainly said NO WAY!

So, since I'm such a "sensitive" person, instead of just giving me a local in the area of the catheter, they gave me some meds by IV and it relaxed me so that I did not feel a thing when they took out the catheter.

Today, I'm feeling much better. Still sore, but I was able to sleep better last night, and I feel that I will feel better as the days go by.

Again, thanks for asking!


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So glad to hear the good news. And also SO glad to hear you got the IV meds. I don't know where some of the medical profression learned "that look" but I am beginning to notice it and each time, I want to say---"Hey, you trade places with me--ok??"

I shouldn't go on this way, because there have been some very kind people, too.


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Carlton, I just wanted to comment about what that neighbor said to you. You know we all must die someday. And this neighbor too will be faced with their own demise. I wonder if they will "go softly into the night." Yeah, "some people will do anything to live." I admit that I am one of them!!! There is no shame in wanting to live. I think most people would chose life.

TAnn, so glad the hose is out!!! I'll bet you slept better. Those bunch of wessles- I would love to see them with a projectile hanging out their side to see whether "it hurts or not!" Ha! "You are just sensitive!" Geesh!!



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