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complementary and integrative program

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Here is a link to a place I'm thinking of visiting for a consultation--I am perfectly happy with my scientific medical team, but I am interested in the complementary/supplement/exercise/nutritional aspect of maintaining my health.

This place, although not an easy drive, is very doable for me as a day trip--it's north of Chicago and I live southwest. Also, they are in my PPO plan as a network provider, which is a big plus right there.

Those of you who have visited an integrative provider, what do you think of this website?

Heather~ If you see this, I'd sure appreciate your thoughts--I have been rambling along on this nutritional supplementation trail and don't really think I know that what I'm doing is best for me and my individual situation. thanks in advance.....

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Yep, sure did forget that link--good thing it's Friday! Here it is:


You might have to copy and past that to your browser--I can't seem to past the hyperlink to this post--it keeps giving me a popup that says, "Code is not free".

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