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I was picking up my supplements at the Integrative Medicine center I am going to and saw a flyer on a research study being done through Jefferson University Hospital (Kimmel Cancer Center) in Philadelphia.

It says:

Can a herbal medicine improve immune function and quality of life during chemotherapy for stage IV lung cancer?

It is for Stage IV NSCLC patients who are BEGINNING treatment.

You can call 1-800-Jeff-Now (1-800-533-3669) for more info. I am also attaching a link below.

http://www.kimmelcancercenter.org/clini ... ber=01F.45

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This drug, Iscar, is basically mistletoe, which is used throughout Europe as a cancer treatment. The injections are FDA approved, so any person who can get his or her doctor to prescribe the treatment, can do so without being in the trial. Do research on both Iscar and mistletoe to learn the benefits of this treatment.

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Iscar (called Iscador in Europe):

Iscar - I spoke with Michele Sanz, Manager of the Medical Division for Weleda (manufacturer of the drug Iscar) about Iscar. Iscar is now an FDA approved drug which your MD can prescribe as an adjunct or complimentary therapy to chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. It is not marketed as a stand-alone or primary therapy, although some people have used it this way (in conjunction with nutrition, diet and emotional healing) successfully.

Iscar is a special preparation of the extract of Mistletoe (botanical name Viscum Album). The preparation is homeopathic-like in that it involves some dilution and succussion (rigorous stirring or shaking) in its manufacturing process, but it is not homeopathic per se.

There are three injectibles, each derived from a different species of the Mistletoe plant. One product is typically most suitable for female cancers (ovarian, uterine, breast), one is typically most suitable for male cancers (prostate), and the third is typically most suitable for systemic cancers (leukemia, hodgkins lymphoma).

(By the way, you might have heard that Iscar is one of the therapies that Suzanne Sommers is using in the treatment of her breast cancer. Michele confirmed this to be true.)

I asked Michele how people can find a doctor in their area that works with Iscar. She recommended that people call her organization and arrange to have information sent to their oncologist. The Iscar information line number is 1-800-289-1969. For more information on Iscar, see www.iscardor.com

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