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scans on May 23rd

Guest Phyllis

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Guest Phyllis

I have a CT scan scheduled for May 23rd and am driving myself nuts worrying about it. I am on Carbo/Taxol and the last scan showed some shrinkage and overall good results, but I guess I was expecting more dramatic results. I have a cough still, which seems to be getting better but is still there. I have pain in my left shoulder which I do not know if it is because of carbo/taxol or progression on disease. I could kill my one oncologist who said "Well you are probably chemo resistant by now" and the other who said "Well when the carbo/taxol stops working we'll try gemzar/navelbine" as if it is a given that the carbo/taxol is not going to work. I hate doctors somedays. I feel like they have always treated me like I have x number of days on this earth so lets just throw some drugs at her and see what sticks.

I have an appointment with the onc. in MS on June 10th because I am trying to get the rfa scheduled. My step-mother says the onc down there said that if there is shrinkage they would do the rfa. The way I heard it was that shrinkage was desirable but not totally necessary. Just wanted to be sure the rfa was a last resort, which I think I should have some choice here anyway. The onc down there said that if I started to get 16 ozs. of blood out of my lungs he would personally put me in the hospital, which I don't even know what he means by that. Does he see it as a palliative measure only when the surgeon sees it as life extending?

I called to try to get an appointment to see the rfa surgeon while I was there also, but they are being polite and know I am coming but non-committal. My step-mother says they probably want to see what the onc says first, but she can put some pressure on them through her friend at the hospital if necessary, but I guess I will wait so that I don't alienate them. I get so upset. I just mowed my yard and my neighbors this past weekend (and not a riding lawn mower) without breaking a sweat. I may have a lot of tumors but I should be fixable. Sorry this is so long I am just a little stressed. Thanks for listening.

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I sure do hope for good results for you with your tests and I know how that anxiety builds up in the time prior!

It happens to me to, and I try to keep telling myself--it is what it is and I cannot take any better care of myself than I am right now. I am doing everything I possibly can to stay healthy, so it should be good news on test days.

A lot easier said than done, I'm sure--here's to good results for you on the 23rd!

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Some doctors should be ground into dust. :evil: I am amazed that you have so much strength. That says a lot. You are in my prayers. I wish I had a magic wand to make this the day after and you read good news.


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