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Relay for Life next year


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So many of us did Relay this year or are going to do it soon. It is soooooo amazing.

I was thinking, maybe next year, those who do Relay, we can have a common theme for our team for each Relay in our towns, like selling, displaying, wearing, giving or wahtever totes or shirts or something, and then maybe we could get press that LCSC has members at each Relay. Just a thought :)

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I need to think of ideas, I am going to pop by a couple of more Relays to check it out.

We could do a few things, like have a theme such as "lung cancer may be only just a breath away" and either have banners, hats, t-shirts, totes, etc. I think we will need to do something so that it can fit for everyone. For instancem, some teams might want to wear their own team t-shirts and not a LCSC, but still be willing to be part of the national LCSC message by maybe a pin, hat, banner, etc. I will start brainstorming.

Another thought idea today for Nov, awareness month--you know how you often times see in coffee shops and supermarkets where you write your name, donate $1 or $5? I wonder if we can do an effort here, with LCSC members in different states going to local stores and asking if we could put somethign up. It would ahve to be uniform though. Just a thought

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