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New here... Is hospice a death sentence?


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I Am new here, hi everyone... I am 28 and my 61 YO father has small and large cell lung cancer. He was dx. 7-03 and has been to MD Anderson and had chemo and all for the past year. well recently the doc said he is in to bad shape health wise to continue chemo and he is now unable to walk, stays swollen, has a catheter, and hospice is now coming. The doc said if he gets stronger he can come back but the cancer has spread to his liver and all and he is on morphine.

would ya'll say there is any hope at all?? I see it as hopeless but hate myself for thinking that!!!

I really enjoy reading all the posts and am glad I found this site :D


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Hi Gin.

From my experience reading through posts for the last two years, it is never hopeless. Things may look bad, but never give up hope. If hospice is involved you should be prepared to deal with the passing of a loved one, but as I have said, I've seen some pretty amazing recoveries in the past two years on this message board. Don't think hopeless. Take care Gin.

David P.

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My sclc came back as a combo of sclc / non small cell and is in my liver and lymphs. I am still able to take chemo and while it isn't working real well in the liver it is holding down the lymphs. I still work 5 days a week and do a few things around the house. Are your Fathers blood counts real low? That is the only time I can't get chemo. My Dr. cuts mine in 1/2 if needed or I get 2/3 sometimes but as long as my counts aren't to bad I get something.

Your Father and family are in my prayers.

God Bless,


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