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Talc procedure for pleural effusion


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I had the talc procedure for 2 pleural effusions I had last September, now I'm regretting it. There is a clinical trial for GVAX going on at the University of Colorado here, and I meet every single qualification (and there are many!) except for the fact that I need to have a rather large amount of fluid in my chest. I had that talc thing done, so i probably won't have a pleural effusion. is there a way to reverse this procedure? Does it work long-term? Does anyone know a website I can find out about this procedure? Thanks for your time!

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I asked my oncologist about Iressa. First he said he didn't think Medicaid would cover it, then he said it only works well with people with BAC. He is one of those very "pro-chemo" types. I don't think he's too interested in trying Iressa. I don't know why. He's never really been open to anything I've asked about, and it's frustrating!

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I agree with Herbbie. I think that it is true, Iressa seems to work better for BAC. But BAC is a form of adeno.

I have heard the same thing about GVAX that it works better with those with BAC. I am not sure what the percentages are per cell type

Maybe there is a way to get tested for the gene that is found in people who respond to Iressa?


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I know how you feel. I did not have the talc procedure done, however I did have a Denver Catheter put in last month in order to drain the fluid that had completely encased my right lung.

Then I found out that I would qualify for GVAX with 6ml of fluid, which I no longer have.

My fluid may come back, we are not sure. For now I've been put on Iressa and hoping it does me some good. Unlike your dr. , my dr. says it works best for never smoking, females with adenocarcinoma. I also think you should seek a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with your dr.

Good Luck,


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