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Nancy O?


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Hi Andrea and thanks for asking about me. I've been reading the posts everyday, but don't have much to add right now. I am doing good and have an oncologist appt and chest xray for July 21st. I think of you and your mom often. Love to you all. Nancy O.

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Thank you for posting Nancy :) For those who have never talked to Nancy, she is one of our other "Connie"s, a long time survivor who comes to the board and provides encouragement and I thank you Nancy for that! You helped so much when my mom had surgery.

There are LOTS and LOTS of survivors at all stages out there. A doctor once said to me that often times survivors don't want to post or be on a website b/c they are putting it behind them, so often times support groups do not provide a full spectrum. I commend survivors for that, I think each individual has to do what is best for them. My mom can't do this website, but yet I am obsessive compulsive. However, i gotta say, I love looking at all you survivors and reading the dates in your string.

Thank you!

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