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Pancreatic Stent


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Has anyone had a pancreatic stent placed? I have developed an obstruction, tumor or gallstone, and am having this procedure Friday morning. My dr did say that while they were not sure what the obstruction was, it definitely is not pancreatic cancer. Wheww!! Any information would be appreciated. I also get a platelet transfusion tomorrow.

This developed within less than a week. Is this common?

How fast do you feel better? Can't wait to get this completed, I am jaundiced and nauseous. Only in some pain if I try to eat something high in fat (the krispy kreme donuts did not set well this morning, but I think the pain was worth eating them!)



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I am so sorry about the pancreatic stent. Just relieved that the obstruction is not pancreatic cancer. You made me laugh about the Krispy Kreme Donuts. :lol: I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer you, but don't. I would like to offer you my support though. Jerrye, if you need anything at all I am just down the road. I won't bring you the plague that I currently have right now though. I have a fierce head cold. I went to the doctors today to get some antibotics, just in case it drops into my chest. I have been scared to death I have brain met by the pressure and pain in my head. I wish a simple ache or pain could be just that.... I have missed a few days of work, which normally wouldn't be so bad, but one of the kids I counsel had a trial today. Usually, I counsel the victim, but in this case he was the perpetrator. I did not get a subpena on the case, so I guess that I am not in contempt of court....that is I wasn't at work to receive it. OOPPPS!

Anyways, Keep us posted on how you are. I also hope the blood levels return to normal too. God watch over you,


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Hi, Jerrye!

My mom had a stent placed in November, because she had a met which was blocking off the bile duct, causing a lot of pain and jaundice. When mom first went in the hospital, we were told what she had looked like pancreatic cancer(which her older sister had died from several years ago).

The procedure went smoothly, and she improved very rapidly. It only took a couple of days for the jaundice to clear.

I hope you will also find the procedure easy and the results spectacular.

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Hi Jerrye, How quickly you feel better will depend upon how long it takes your body to return to normal after the procedure. The pain after eating fatty foods signals pancreatic inflammation. If the pancreas is inflamed, it may take a little while to return to normal. You must have a blockage in the duct that allows the pancreas to empty digestive enzymes into the gut.

It's good news that they can stent it. The procedure itself is usually done non-surgically, by passing a long tube through the mouth and down into the gut. The dr. doing it should be careful to inform you fully - ask, ask, ask, and ask some more if your concerns are not addressed! Some things to inquire about:

1. Will you be sedated or anesthetized?

2. Can you go home the same day?

3. What are the risks?

4. How likely is the procedure to relieve your symptoms?

Hope it makes you feel better soon. - Teresa

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