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maybe good news?

Guest makwa_04

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Guest makwa_04

Bad weekend in general

Called a friend and let them know of my not being able to get in to see a Doc

till the 7th and then the vacation bit.

He called his friend at home a oncologist and also a fellow Mason.

They talked over my basic problem

well anyway doc agreed i need to see a doc at once and may be able to be seen today !!!

I have to call him as soon as his office opens and i also have his personal home phone number

Im still highly ticked in the way my other doctor could not get me a quicker appointement. I guess its not his fault its the one going on vacation and only being available one day

So maybe I can be seen or get something a going

Last night S.O.S pain worke me up.. as the meds wore off so it took awhile for another pill to kick in.. then it didnt so took a 1/2 one.. It kicked in finally

I guess i got 45 minutes nap time.. and back up and here I am again.

Im hoping the mri people phone my results in to my regular doc early

As I need those and xrays for this one that claims he can see me.

All is up in the air this morning.. Im eating these pills although not over doseing just 1/2 in and taking 5 hrs instead of 6 between them

Thats about only way i can get them to halfway to work

Told regular doctor nurse while ago i will need a refill SOON on these and she said they should last me longer and I told her well they aint and she was abut to give me a lecture and i stopped he in her tracks... So HOPEFULLY today will be productive.. Nerves are shot along with eating habits.

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Guest makwa_04

Finally got in to see doc today, highly ticking off my regualr doc {to long story}

Got all my xrays, files and ect in hand. will go again tommorrow

out look is not good in initial reports of which regular doctor was NOT telling me

to long a story to type.

tumor {large} left lung.. small one on right. unknow spot on adrenial gland and kidney

no signs of lung spreading ALTHOUGH massive acute vertrabrae degeneration and hot spots in mri.

spinal nerves ok.

I have full report here 8 vertrabrae messed up with unknown cause alothough spurs lists and acute advanced degenration. Although they dont rule out the cancer has spread to back region

I had a massive fight with my regular MD today about going to this out of

"hospital zone coverage" onocoligist guy.

Had to track down ALL of my xrays and pick up ect ect.

Am so tired form all the running and aggraviation

freash chest xray tommorrow and total review of all findings in tests with this new onco/guy/doc.

Mind you doing all this i had to drive all over a major city getting all this stuff zonekd on pain pills till they wore off. was to be aback his office late this afternoon for review but pain meda wore of and called him and told him no way i could drive back into city {60 miles} so he set me up anoter appointment tommorrow to fuinish what was not done today

Took another pill while ago and its FINALLY starting to kick in...

So much agravation dealing with these doctors and insurance and where they can go ect ect ect


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One thing I leaned early on was to start a 3 ring binder and keep copies of EVERYTHING. I'm now up to 2 binders and they are categorized by tabs like test results, progress notes, etc. I think everyone should do this. Afterall it's our data...

Best Wishes, Dave S

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