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Guest sueb

I lost my mother 15 months ago to nscl and during her illness I was active on the old message board. It is amazing how much this board has grown and all the people here who are contributing and helping others.

Since my mother died I tried to distance myself from all of this to cope, but unfortunately I have returned because we may be starting this journey over again with my brother - a 45 yr old life-long nonsmoker. About six weeks ago he was ill with a fever and developed a cough, doctor's gave him antibiotics and sent him on his way. The fever went away, but he was left with the violent cough. He returned to the doctor two more times and the final time was given a chest x-ray which showed abnormalities in the right lung. He was then sent for a chest ct with contrast which showed:

"Right hilar mass which surrounds the right upper lobe bronchus which is slightly narrowed with patchy air space disease in the anterior segment of the right upper lobe, most likely representing post obstructive pneumonitis."

He is scheduled for a bronchoscope in a week and a half and has an appointment today with a pulmonary doctor. I guess I was hoping someone here had a similiar experience so we knew what to expect or had heard of any infection that could cause this. As usual it is the waiting that drives you crazy! :x When my mother was diagnosed we were so naive it hit us like a ton of bricks, now I feel like I immediately think of cancer.

Thank you all for your time.


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So sorry you are posting here again :( Does "most likely representing post obstructive pneumonitis" mean that they most likely suspect lingering pnemonia? I hope so! Please post and let us knwo waht the pulmo dr says

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