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  1. brm1949

    Made it to 38

    Happy 38th Beth, you got many more coming so you might as well pull yourself out of it and enjoy.
  2. brm1949


    I would let what the pulmonary doc said slide and most definitely see the onc and get the scans regularly. Cancer is insidious and you have to stay on top of it always. Sorry to have to say it that way but its a battle you will be in for the rest of your life. Do not take it lightly and let up on your guard.
  3. When I was dxed I had no symtoms, just a swollen lymph node in my upper neck. After my surgeries and chemo and radiation I was pretty much shot physically for a couple of years or so. Now I feel pretty fit and am excercising and lifting wieghts. I feel that I'm in better shape now than I was before dx. Thats the catch 22 with this disease. I would like to think that all is well now but as everyone here knows, its a beast and can rise up at any time. I would like to say to you that it would be great for Brian if it were misdiagnosed. Enjoy every good moment you have with him now. These could be the best days of your life if you learn to live it one moment at a time. There are no garentees for any of us. Cancer or no cancer, we only have what we have now. Make the best of it and enjoy each other the best you can. Tim McGraw song Live Like You Were Dying says it well about his father Tug.
  4. Sorry for not updating lately. Just had my last CTscan last week.. Impression: Stable post-operative/post radiation changes inthe neck. Stable post operative changes in the left lung apex. No evidence of recurrent tumor or matastatic disease in the neck, chest or abdomen. NED. This was great news. Physically I feel the best I have in over 2 years. My next ct scan is in june. My Dr says I'm still stage 4 SCC of the neck and head and because of the left side stage 4 most likely for the lung although nothing has shown up yet. I know I'm guilty of not asking for a hall pass when not posting for such a long time. Will try to improve on that . Thanks for the concern, everyone knows with this disease we need that kind of support and everyone here has been just that for me. Sometimes I rather not think about this so I try to run away from it but then it just turns into denial and thats not good either. Bruce MacQueen
  5. Peggy, we need to hear positive news, don't apoligize for giving hope. This is a tough disease and anything that takes the sting out of it helps. I too feel for those who are suffering but we need to hear there is hope.
  6. I know I should have given an update a long time ago. Sorry for the delay. I finished up my IMRT and had 1 ct scan a month later. My ENT thought that to early for good results. The scan came back stable. I'm a little confused as to why it said stable instead of clear but I can accept stable. Lost about 25 pounds or so and still not putting any back on. My drs. don't like it but I'm OK with it. Still feeling some of the effects from the radiation but learning to live with it.. My next ct scan is sch for 3/10/05. I'm back to to watch and see mode. I know I should be grateful that I am still up and about. This time around sort of knocked some of the positive feelings out of me. Winter doesn't help much, pretty dark up here in the Buffalo area much of the time till spring. I want to thank all you who have sent cards, they have lifted my spirits. I will try to get with the program again and post. I'm finding I really need the support that comes from this site and all those who are a part of it. To everyone here, have a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and promising New Year. Bruce
  7. My thoughts and prayers for everyone here and enjoy Thanksgiving. We do have much to be thankful for, even as tough as it is at times. I'm thankful for the support and insight I have recieved from this site.
  8. Happy 50th . Sorry to hear you need liver surgery but very glad to hear there is no cancer. With what we are dealing with here, you have to call it good news. Funny how life really has changed once we are dx with cancer. Everything else seems so meaningless. I had a pacemaker put in before my 2nd recurrrance and didn't even phase me that I needed one .
  9. Good to hear good news.
  10. Prayers and good thoughts your way.
  11. Prayers your way Cat, hang in there, I know its tough but you are one tough Cat.
  12. brm1949


    I know I haven't posted in awhile but I thought I'd update everyone on whats happening. Just finished 36 IMRT treatments to the right neck, right parotid region and right tonsil surgical bed. 180 gy. Lost 20lbs, major burn to right neck, lost half the hair on my right side and have a patchwork beard. Have major problem with very thick mucous and dry mouth. Trouble swallowing anything solid, in fact I'm mainly living on boost and protien shakes. Dispite all that, I feel I came out of it OK and now should recover within a few months. Probably won't get a CT/pet scan for a couple of months. I am believing that the beast was finished this time. I also understand that many of you are fighting a more difficult battle than mine. My prayers and hopes for good things for you. I only post as an update as to whats happening with me and not comparing with anyone else. I know my case is a bit different than most everyone here. I post here because they still say I have unknown primary which they are convinced is in the lungs. Its been hard for me to come here as before because of all those we have lost. Sometimes I need to forget about the beast and try to live a normal life. But I know that normal now is not the normal I once knew. This thing destroys more than just the physical, I pray for all of us.
  13. brm1949

    Dean Carl~

    Hang in there Dean, my prayers are with you.
  14. Love to hear about beating the stats, waiting to hear next years update with same results, keep up the good fight Don and Lucie.
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