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Dr. Joshua Brodkin from Virtua is the doctor who performed my CT Guided Needle Biopsy at the beginning of my journey. That is such a horrible procedure and I was scared to death, but he was as warm and gentle a doctor as they come! He was also very precise and thorough. You are very fortunate to have had him on your side, Terri!

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Rick and Katie, if you can I help I would appreciate it. I can log in and check private messages. I can post a response to this forum only. Help! Am I banned from the rest of the board because I threatened to use poultry against TBone and his sisters if they didn't check in?

Fay A. PS I need to explain to Stands for Hope that according to my eldest son (when he was 6) we ARE behaving....it's just that sometimes we're just doing it badly. :wink:

We're decent folks, but we are real live human beings, and none of us is perfect.

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