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Stage IV adenocarcinoma


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I'm a 23 year-old student (masters in linguistics), living in Montreal, Canada.

My mother was diagnosed a month ago with stage IV adeno. The oncologist is giving her less than a year to live and 4% chance to live 3 more months with chemo (carboplatin, taxol & gemcitabine).

She wants to try Chinese medecine combined with chemo. Anyone here with an advanced LC has good results with alternative medecines?



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The oncologist says it's not operable : there is a big tumor in the left lung and some diffusion in the right lung. She never smoked!

She had malignant pleural effusion last week, they drained the liquid with a chest tube. They also suspect pericardial effusion (liquid around the heart).


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Guest DaveG

Don't give up hope. I was a Stage I Adenocarcinoma for 18 months, util April, when I was restaged to Stage IV, with mets to my lymphatice system. I haven't given up. My wife and I just celebrated 32 years of marital bliss in January and our goal is to make it to 50. If you can't get anything postitive from this oncologist, find another one.

Numbers and statistics are just that. Remember your mother has a 50/50 chance and she has to make up her mind which way she is going. You will find we are about surviving here, as our name implies. You are welcome here, come as often as you want.

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