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Judy B


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Hey guys,

I am trying to work on this book Mom and I started, but I may just have to do my own story, anyhow, trying to think of some funny and inspirational things about Mom, maybe some ofyou know some thing I don't. She was the bravest person I knew and I am sooo proud of her for being so strong during all this, but still if you have a funny, chat story, or something, let me know.

It has been just over two months and last week a new friend of mine was going through something similar to what I did in MOm's last week and I was a wreck for like 4 days, I mean a wreck, from wishing I had gone to that AIDS ride in 2001, because then I may have been on one of those flights, as many coming from the AIDS ride were. The point is I was feeling like it would have been easier for me if I had died first, but then Mom would have had to go through loosing her daughter to getting lung cancer in the same year. That would have been worse for sure. So my emotions are running all over the place, btu I am trying to focus on the positive and do something to help others, ya know?? Thanks for listening.


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