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Dictionary of medical terms for blondes


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Artery - Study of paintings

Bacteria - Backdoor to cafeteria

Barium - What to do when treatment fails

Bowel - Letter like A E I O or U

Ceasarean Section - District in Rome

Cat Scan - Searching for Kitty

Cauterize - Male eye contact with her

Colic - Sheep Dog

Coma - Punctuation Mark

Congenital - Friendly

D & C - Where Washington is

Dilate - To live long

Enema - Not a friend

Fester - Quicker

Genital - Non-Jewish

Hang Nail - Coat Hook

Impotent - Distinguished, well known

Labour pain - Hurt at work

Morbid - Higher offer

Nitrate - Cheaper than day

Node - Was aware of

Outpatient - Person fainted

Post op - Letter Carrier

Rheumatic - Amorous

Secretion - Hiding something

Tablet - Small table

Terminal Illness - Sick at the Airport

Tibia - Country in North Africa

Tumor - More than one

Urine - Opposite of 'you're out'

Varicose - Nearby

Vein - Conceited


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Enema - Not a friend

No sh*t! Er, on second thought, maybe LOTS of it! :roll:

Impotent - Distinguished, well known

Ummm, aren't they all? Overcompensating, I guess... :shock:

How 'bout -

Pregnancy: Sexually Transmitted Disease

Hearing AIDS: Disease bartenders get from listening to anal orifices (orifi?)

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