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[ :?: My husband has just gone through his first round of chemo and has really been sick it just tears me apart watching him not being able to eat or drink this weekend has really been bad can anybody give some ideas on how to help him. I try ti encourage him in to wanting to drink fluids but it doesn't always work. I watched my Dad and Sister both die of cancer in the late 80's Can't hardly take it with my husband can you give word of wisdom.

Thanks for listening


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I don't have much knowledge on SCLC, but others will reply to you that do. I have noticed that Cisplatin is frequently the first-line chemo given to SCLC patients. Is that what your husband is getting? If yes, I think Cisplatin is one of the ones that tends to cause a little more nausea than some of the others. Can you call his oncologist to see if he/she will prescribe something for the nausea?

Once again, welcome. Please write to us often and let us know how your husband, and you, are doing.

God bless you,


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My wife has just completed her third round of cisplatin/vp 16 and i'm assuming that is what your husband is recieving.I am also guessing they have him on the 3day's every 21 day's for treatment,i can tell you that his appetite should return as in my wifes case 3-4 day's after treatment.the Onocologist said it was ok for her to take Astragulas herb and it does seem to help,but also each time she has had a different reaction to her treatment such as one time just wanting to sleep for 2or 3 day's and Chill's really bad.

This is a horrible desease but it can be held of and even beaten and as other's will tell you call the doctor or nurses who are involved with your case as there is medicine that will help,but most importantly you must be your husband's strenght in his weak moment's and trust in GOD...

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I too, just had my first cycle of chemo two weeks ago. My oncologist assured me I would NOT get nauseous and I didn't! My appetite wasn't great at first and some smells bothered me...but once I was about a week past the chemo...I pretty much was eating normally and even put a couple of the pounds I'd lost previously, back on!

Before each chemo, I am given Decadron (a steroid) and Zofran (anti-nausea) by IV. I also had prescriptions for Zofran and Compazine pills, plus Ativan (anti-anxiety) to help me sleep. The nights surrounding the three days of chemo I was restless and did need some help to get a decent night's sleep. But I found I really didn't need the prescriptions at home except for those first three nights....because what I got in the IV's prior to chemo, really took care of any problem with nausea!!

In this day and age, there is NO reason for someone to suffer needlessly from nausea and loss of appetite when there are things that can be given to offset these reactions. ASK YOUR HUSBAND'S DOCTOR about them and ask for your husband to be given something! In fact, if it were me...I'd INSIST on it! :!:

Staying hydrated is really important too. I drink about 2 liters of water a day, plus a couple of cups of coffee and two glasses of milk. The oncology nurses told me to drink between 2-3 liters of fluid daily. Do encourage your hubby to keep drinking fluids....but I know even that is hard when one is nauseated. :(

I'd get right on the phone and put a call in to the oncologist and start making a mighty noise about your hubby getting something for nausea. I just cannot imagine why - since it's available - a patient wouldn't be given the IV's or some meds to help with this. Be your hubby's advocate and insist he be given something! It will make things a bit easier for both of you....as this is all hard enough without being nauseous on top of it!!

You've found the best place on the net for help, support and advice. Sorry you have to be here....but I hope what you find here will help make this journey a bit easier for both of you!

Call your husband's doctor and let us know what happens...ok?

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