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Yes, Anais, This is the norm. LC caught in the early stages is just by luck; an xray to to look at an injured rib, or to look for suspected pneumonia, or part of a routine checkup. By the time symptoms are noted, the cancer is usually quite advanced.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Keep in mind that cancer research is discovering new ways to help cancer patients all the time. Also, there is no lung cancer that is 100% fatal! People are cured every day of this awful disease!

Remember: The power of positive thinking can change your life! JudyB

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I think it is very normal to be first diagnosed as a IV or extensive stage and finding L/C early is the rare exception. I hope that changes one of these days soon and through advocacy and awareness and some stubborn people with LOUD voices :lol: maybe L/C will be caught early one of these days for the majority instead of the minority!

My dad had no symptoms until the very month he was diagnosed. It was like being hit by a mack truck, we were so SHOCKED...what happened to stage 1-3, we asked? You're handing us a death sentence just like that? No warnings, nothing.

My thinking was flawed and I found out through research and this message board that a stage IV or extensive stage diagnosis DOES NOT mean a death sentence and there ARE survivors. There is alot of hope and treatments options and everyone here survives Lung Cancer each and every day.

COme here often, this is a great place to vent, talk, gain info and get support. Be an advocate and demand the BEST medical care, accept nothing less. I will be praying for you both.

Keep us updated, we really do care here.

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