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Free Kittens


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This year we are appreciating everything more and this year life has just blossumed in every way. The flowers are prettier and more abundant. Birds all over the place. Green grass and ripples on a pond. Life at it's fullest. And now kittens found living in a woodpile next to the woods. Everything is sweeter now and it seems the world is at it's most beautiful. Thank you Father.

This might not be the right place, but I am feeling kind of spiritual just seeing all the life around me.

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The kitty is precious, but I'm out for a dawgie. I have to wait until I have a house (darn the need to be responsible all the time!) since I already have a spouse and a child that I can't house... :roll:

I, too, enjoyed the spring and am looking forward to summer. I love autumn and I sure hope the winter is good to us, as well.

May your blessings be doubled and your troubles be quartered!


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