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Bad Dreams, WBR and Other Rants

Guest NowakowDA

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Guest NowakowDA

Has anyone had bad dreams while getting WBR? Mom just finished her second of fourteen WBR treatments. Mom's monsters came out last night. She had a really bad dream. It woke her from a sound sleep. I won't tell you what the dream was. Even to a certifiable crazy person like myself it doesn't make much sense.

I've spent the past two nights sleeping on the floor in my mother's room. She seems to rest easier if she knows I'm there. She thinks i'm not resting, but as a matter of fact the concrete floor with pad and carpet is more comfortable then what I've been sleeping on these past two years.

Somebody posted a question how to cure Thrush. Mom got a yeast infection in her throat. It was caused by the Dexamethason (generic Decadron). Her PCP (primary Care Provider), gave her a prescription for Diflucan. An 80 ml bottle of the stuff retailed for $286.00. Luckily, Mom only had to make a co payment. Still! She had a complete cow when she saw the price. There are several non prescription cures you can try. Gentian (Sp ???) Violet 1% solution. Hydrogen Peroxide, in a solution of two parts water. If you don't want to mix anything, just try plain old Listerine. Wash out your mouth three times a day. If the infection is not too bad, any of the above home remedys should work.

Michael, Mom's PCP got her a prescription for more O2 and also got her a nebulizer and a liquid form of Albuterol (Sp ???). Give it to her four times per day, Sometimes six. Yesterday she coughed up the most disgusting stuff I ever saw. It looked even worse then my chicken surprise and that's pretty bad. It ranged from light yellow to a very yellowish green color and had some blood in it. The blood was stringy and ran from light red to dark red. Her rad onc thinks she still has some infection trapped behind the mass in her right lung. Guess what! More pills. This time something called Zithromax. Six pills, $56.00. No way I'm letting her see that.

Broke down and rented her a wheelchair. Told her that if she used the wheelchair to go to her rad treatment, I'd take her to the mall. She did and we did. Pushed her around the mall. Stopped and had something to drink and made nasty comments about the people walking by.

The rad onc finally told me how powerful the Dexamethason was. He said it could cause a yeast infection in her throat and it did. He said it could cause hallucinations and or delirium and it did. He said it could cause heart burn and indigestion. Guess what!. He called these side effects! Side effects, my a**! Sometime I would like to grab that little SOB and fill his mouth with these pills. Then I would take that magic radiation machine of his, stick it up his privates and turn it up to fast bake, just to see what would happen.

Calm down! Relax. Breath deeply. In and out, and think nice peaceful thoughts. PEACEFUL THOUGHTS, MY BUTT!!!!!!!! Where's that damn pizza?


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Don -

I love reading your posts. You are taking such good care of your mother -- and you still have your sense of humor.

My mom (90 years old) isn't even sick, and it takes all four of my sisters to keep up with her shopping, cleaning, doctor apptmts, etc. (I'm 3,000 miles away, so I don't take my turn :cry:) When she broke her hip a few years back they all took turns staying with her and it wore them all out.

It's amazing that you are doing all of the caregiving yourself!

Tell that doctor to stop talking about side effects. Every time he mentions one, sure enough your mom comes down with it! Enough already!

And, oh my gosh, yes -- thank heaven for insurance for prescriptions. Prescription medicines have gotten totally out of hand!

Keep on keepin' on!

Best wishes


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I was on Decadron for about 4-5 months. My pulmonary doctor or in your case primary doctor, gave me a prescription for Mycelex 10mg, take it 4x per day. It is to keep one from getting yeast infection in the throat from the Decadron. It worked for me. Please ask your doctor about it. Hope this works for your mom. Prayers for your mom and you...

God Bless,


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I would have to agree with you on the EasyBake oven and the radiation oncologist - can you do a two-for-one?? :roll:

..as for your pizza, it's probably in the care of my cabana boy - he owes me a fruity drink with kick and NO PINEAPPLE SLICE...

You're doing a good job taking care of your mom, I'm sure she enjoyed "scoping" and the play-by-play commentary about the 'new fashions and fads' - ESPECIALLY those itty bitty clothes on the young 'uns!

Keep hangin' on!


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