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CT/PET scan results


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My Dad got his results from the scan today. It showed that the cancer is in the pleural membrane, this showed up as little hot spots and it also showed hot spots in a couple of mediastinal nodes and a couple of other nodes, though the nodes themselves are not enlarged. His other lung is clear and there appears to be no metastsese elsewhere, although they will do another CT scan of the brain as apparently this is not the best way to scan the brain. The doctor though is confident that the cancer has not spread to the brain.

He will start Chemotherapy in a few weeks, not sure myself why he's not starting it right away, but the oncologist has said that a few weeks won't make any difference. The oncologist has said that radiotherapy isn't appropriate as the cancer is too small and they need something to aim at. I don't really understand this as radiotherapy seems to be used very widely among the members of this community, sometimes post-op when there can't be much if any cancer left to aim at. Maybe someone can help to clear up my confusion.

Thanks for your help, as always you are all in my thoughts,

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I am glad your Dad will be starting treatment soon, and kicking some cancer butt!

Sorry, I can't answer your question about radiation, as it is not something that my Mum has considered at this point.

Wishing you all the best.


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Sarah, radiation is generally used when a tumor can be targeted accurately, meaning it needs to be large enough. Also, once an area is irradiated, it cannot be irradiated again because there would be too much damage to the body. So, they would rather wait until the tumor is causing pain or some other problem.

Chemo is used systemically -- that is, it goes all over the body. This is usually the preferred treatment when there are mutlilple tumors that the chemo can attack. It sounds like the docs are on the right track with your dad. Don

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Connie, I too had radiation to my left lung and mediatinum AFTER surgery had removed the tumor. I also had already had chemo. I was told that the radiation to the area where the tumor had been was to insure that all of the cells in that area were killed. The idea was that they had proof that I had had cancer cells in that area and this was another precaution. I was told that chemo and radiation would increase my odds by about 15%


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Connie, I am not as familiar with surgery since we did not go through that, but I think they often target the general area where the tumor was as a precaution against metastatic cancer just starting out. When I had radiation for my prostate, they included the area just outside the prostate where the tumor was because they wanted to be sure they "got it all". Does that make sense? Don

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Hello Nadri,

I was told after surgery that they give you some time to heal before they do chemo. Your Dad just had surgery May 4. I was also told that radiation doesn't work too well on smaller tumors. I was told these things by my thoracic surgeon. Hope your Dad is feeling better. Was in London in 1998. It was a nice ride from Heathrow to Gatwick and the scenery was

beautiful. It looked alot like Ireland with the forty shades of green. I liked the English cars.

Take care.


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Dear Don and others,

Oh yes that makes sense to me too Don, I just didn't understand what they are doing with Nadri's dad and why they are waiting? Hummmm!

I am always amazed at how differently we are all treated, yet we all have the same thing. I know it depends on so many things to how we get treated, but it's still amazing to me! Maybe baffling is a better word!



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