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Hi All, first let me say what a strong, caring and supportive group of people you are. I admire you all for your persistence and dedication to each other.

I don't have lung cancer yet, but I am fearful that I do. I have had some strange symptoms, and had a CAT scan done, which was negative, but they only did it of my blood vessels in my chest/thorax area. My question is this, would my lungs show up on that CAT Scan or do the blood vessels only show up? I had dye injected and they used the Spiral CT. I am so worried, and wanted to ask you for your opinion.

I know I have not been diagnosed, but I hope you can provide me some information please!!!!! My parents are both cancer survivors and so I am at risk. I am also a smoker.

Thank you for helping me if you can! :shock:

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Wendy, Cancer would probably show up on a Spiral CT, but to know for sure, ask your doctor!

Now, don't take this as preaching. :) Please stop smoking. Boy, you just do not want to go thru this!!

I'm hoping you just got a little scare and that you are OK! (Even if you find out you don't have LC, you can still visit us here!)


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