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Berisa: Typhoon in Hong Kong - are you OK?

Remembering Dave

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

While waiting, don't forget the 12 hr time difference from EDT

Or is it 16? No, I think 16 is Australia.


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Hi my dear dear friends, I feel so cherished by all of you. I am fine, my family is fine. Thanks for your concern and worries.

Karen, you are right, there was a typhoon here but it was over.

One interesting thing I really wish to let you know that, all typhoons in Hong Kong are nothing, no matter how strong the typhoon is, while the typhoon comes to Hong Kong, it is not strong just because of the geographical advantage of Hong Kong. Many said Hong Kong is a blessed place because Hong Kong has many high buildings in just a small piece of area (you never find it on the map, only a dot) as well as the Hong Kong unique geographical location - "like a shelter" that all typhoons cannot affect HK traumatically. Just few trees are dropped down only. All is normal. I think all tall buildings diminish the wind, you know, many youngsters will go out for movies and Karaoke. We see typhoon as an excuse to play. :D

But while the same typhoon goes to our neigbour city, there must be a lot of damage, someone will die, rain water increases that cause damages. Electricity may goes out etc.

Hey, I guess you guys should come to Hong Kong to visit me. I have a guest room. :D I will show you around..........

Be my guest. 8)

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