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Hawaiian Hymn made me think of us.

Donna G

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This weekend we sang this hymn and I kept thinking of all of us. When you think of all those who got to eat and be together in Michigan , it seems to fit even more. Donna G


We come to share our story, we come to break the bread, We come to know our rising from the dead.

We come as your people, we come as your own, united with each other, love finds a home.

We are called to heal the broken, to be hope for the poor, we are called to feed the hungry at our door.

Bread of life and cup of promise, in this meal we all are one. In our dying and our rising , may your kingdom come.

You will lead and we shall follow, you will be the breath of life , living water , we are thirsting for your light.

We will live and sing: " Aloha" " Aleluia" is our song. May we live in love and peace our whole life long.

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