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Altho I was not in Michigan for the party, I just wanted to say "Thank You." What you did was only the beginning of a wonderful thing.

There were only a few of us there. I can't speak for anyone except for myself but as I looked at the pictures and read the posts about it, I could feel the love and warmth of the party.

As I said what you did was the beginning. I have read of at least 4 other parties that are in the works. They too will be filled with the love and warmth just like yours was.

Again, on behalf of the 1300 members, I want to say "Thank You."

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To Rye and John:

I was not there :cry: but I sense it was a warm *happening* and I want to thank you both for your generosity and kindness in organizing this event.

Thx to all who helped coordinate it as well.

Perhaps one day we can bring it up North a bit and I could particiate. That would be unbelievable!!

Love, Francine

God Bless us All

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Hey Bruce - where are you in Tennessee? Could you make it to the Richmond Virginia area for a get together? Dave and I are in the thinking about it stages, but I'm not sure we have enough people close enough to come. We're the only people I know of on the board in Virginia. I think we have some folks in Maryland.

Karen C.

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Well Bruce, aren't you sweet. If this is a ploy to get out of paying your fines it won't work. Now I believe you are only 11 hours from us so I expect you at the next party.

It was a great time. I am glad everyone is planning to hook up and meet in other areas. I really enjoyed meeting everyone in person. I may hit someone elses bash it was so fun.


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