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I found the most wonderful software program called FitDay. You can track your weight, body mass, nutrition, exercise, calories, fat, carbs, nutrients, measurements, even your mood, and even keep a daily diary in this program. It gives you reports with charts and graphs that shows your progress and the good news is it's only $20 and you can download it from the internet. It is also very user friendly and must have a million foods (exageration) listed. You can also add any food that isn't in their index, including all the nutrients, etc. I had our IT techs check it out to be sure it was safe before I bought it and dowloaded it, and it is FANTASTIC. They say it has been proven that people are more apt to stick to a diet or keep track of nutrients if they log their progress.

Here is a link to the website where you can get more info and order:



P.S. The only down side is that it doesn't have password protection, so if you share your computer with someone else, they could see your weight, weight goals, diary, etc. I even wrote to tech support to confirm that there wasn't password protection and suggested they add it to their next upgrade.

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