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A message to Dave G


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Hi Dave,

You are a very strong man to take the time to get on this board with the way you are feeling right now. I know how my husband Buddy was feeling the past two months and I didn't think he would pull out of it. Having been through lc with my parents, brother and three friends I have seen it all or at least most of it I thought. What my husband went through with the radiation, I thought he would never pull through. He did not eat for 6 weeks, - - and I mean for six weeks. He lost 60 lbs and I thought that we were at the end of this chapter of our lives. On the 9th week he started feeling just a tad better and now I look at him and wonder how he came out of it. He actually had a cataract removed this past monday and came through that with flying colors. I am not saying he is 100% better but anything bets what he went though those 8 weeks.I know you can do it to. Just take care of yourself, don't worry about your wife for we spouses are strong or we wouldn't be able to help our love ones through these horrible times.... God Bless

P.S. I think it was the homemade vege and chicken noodles soups that got him better......



husband Stage IV nsclc

nsclc dx'd 7/31/02

nsclc surgery left lung removed along with 5 to 7 lymph nodes with cancer


Radiation and chemo 10/02 - 11/02

Radiation 12/02 - 2/03

2/03 meds to brain - 10 whole head radiation treatments

4/03 meds to bone - 10 radiation treatments

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