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Missing my dad


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I usually post positive and hopefully inspirational things, but am having a tough week missing my dad. My older son Drew started high school today and it hurts me that my dad can't see how wonderful he's doing. I am so proud that he was invited to the Presidential Inauguration in January (even though he probably won't get to go) and my dad would have been so proud. My youngest, Alex, starts 2nd grade next week and my dad only shared so little time of his life. Anyone have any suggestions for helping the younger ones remember their grandpas? I can tell stories and keep pics, but I feel my children were somewhat cheated because my dad couldn't see them become wonderful adulst. My youngest wants to be a scientist and keeps me busy cleaning up concoctions he mixes together but I keep thinking he might find a cure for cancer someday. Just having a tough time and knew you guys could inspire me or help me get through this step of the grieving process. Seems like reality is hitting more each day, not getting easier. I keep telling myself that we were blessed because my dad only had to deal with this disease less than 5 months and he got all the wishes he wanted -- no weight loss, no mental loss, and was able to enjoy the time he had left and didn't end up in a nursing home. Just venting -- might be better tomorrow!

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Don't apologize. You're not venting, you're grieving, which is a perfectly normal, healthy, expected thing to do when you lose someone you love. I miss my dad, too, and he died almost 9 years ago. It seems like the little milestones that we all take for granted become poignant when we think of those who won't be able share in them. Yes, we were fortunate to have the wonderful years with our fathers that we did, and we also grieve and miss them terribly and are sad. Telling your children about him, sharing photos, movies, videos, giving them each momentos of his life all help keep his memory alive. Best wishes, Tricia

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Thanks Tricia and Katie for your support and comfort. Today was a little better and maybe next week will be even better. Don't know what's really prompting my emotional roller-coaster right now, but reading your kind words sure did help!

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