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Remembering Dave

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This is Karen. hi, all. We're back from the wilds of Glacier National Park. No cell phone service, no TV's in the rooms, not even telephones in the rooms . . . so the first thing I do when we get Faith in bed (at midnight) is see what's going on here at LCHelp and I see that David A passed? I tried back tracking through the posts but I can't see what actually happened . . . I just walked into the living room and told Dave that David A passed away and I think I just ruined the best week of his entire life.

I just can't believe it, he was such a strong vibrant guy and I thought doing so well, and he and Dave had become good PM buddies, comparing the wilds of when they were young single and stupid. He was such a great guy and I can't stop thinking about those little boys.

Anyway, if someonhe could reply with the story I'd appreciate it. I won't check again until tomorrow, we gotta get some rest . . .

Love to you all,

Karen C.

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Karen and David,

If you go to the Obituary Forum there is a thread from Davids sister. If you will post a message there I am going to print them out for his wife and boys. His wife is making a book for the boys because they really didn't get to say good-bye to their dad. I have waited to print it because I knew you would like to write something. There is also an official obituary with an online guest book.

I am sorry you came back to such sad news..


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thanks everyone. This morning Dave found the post from David A right before he went to have his procedure done where he explained about the rigid bronchoscopy and the stents and the tumors blocking his airways and about how everyone was worried he was going to die but he knew he wouldn't. I must tell you that was so strange to hear that for the first time and he had actually died. but it did help explain to us what must have happened.

Sometimes I get very scared that I'm going to lose Dave, it seems that so many people are gone now from this board who seemed to be doing so well, but then so many more of you ARE doing well and continuing the fight. I want Dave to be one who can give hope to others and hopefully so far he is.

I will try to get him to post a picture of us at Glacier, maybe he can post a few in the scrapbook forum, even include our very own BeckyCW in the photos, we have plenty with her. His family had a wonderful time and Dave said it was his best birthday ever. I told him I didn't care if everyone had a lousy time, if he had a great time that's all that mattered, but in fact I think everyone did have a good time, maybe our niece and nephew got a little bored at times which is understandable and Faith did says "mommy, home?" about every other minute the whole week (no lie) but I think it was more of a question than a request - she seemed to enjoy herself and especially hanging out with her cousins all week.

Love to all,

Karen C.

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