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Greek Cancer cure?


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I know you hear of all kinds of stories of cancer cure, but was wondering if anyone had ever heard of the late Dr. Alivitos from Greece. To read reports on the internet of him you would think he was a quack... I know a person here in town that went to Greece and was treated and cured by this Dr. back in '89. Knock offs have sprung up here in the states ad was wondering if anyone had any experience with them or have known anyone that has. Does anyone have any faith in the metabolic diet? The guy I know swears by it?

Cheryl has her first Oncology appt. today... As you can tell, I am searching avenues that I am sure many of you have already traveled. Just trying to gather as much information as possible. Thanks for your input... -Jack-

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I personally would do whatever I could to fix my mom. And the metabolic diet, its good. It can help with energy and chemo side affects. I hope this helps. I haven't heard of the other thing you were talking about, but just do whatever you can, research and hunt for ANYTHING!!!

GOOD LUCK-we are all SURVIVORS!!!!!!!


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Guest Greek Cancer Cure?


Thanks for the info on the side effects...didn't even know that.

We will be thinking of your Mom and I have good feelings that your next check-up will be a big improvement! Hang in there!

Jack and Cheryl

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