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John Edwards (No, Not the politician)


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Hi all... just wanted to share a tid bit from this weekend.javascript:emoticon(':)')

Well I guess I have to provide some history of the events that have taken place.

After my dad passed, my mom was telling me all the questions that she was having, "Is he ok, is he out of pain, does he remember me, does he know how much I love him, is he here?'" etc. and so after that conversation, I just happened to be at Target later that afternoon with one of my close gal-pals and saw this book, " AFTER LIFE Answers from the Other Side" I thought that was some sort of a sign that I HAD to get this book, and so I began to read it.... it was finished in two days, and for those of you who believe in this stuff, It helped me tremendously - so I sent it off to my mom with the hopes that she would at least get some answers that were plaguing her so much in the hopes that she would get some peace. Well, It did. She called me Friday and told me that John Edwards just listed that he was coming to Atlanta on November 7th - well - she bought tickets... So whether or not some people believe its all personal, I BELIEVE and even if my dad or my other loved ones dont come through personally to us, I will consider it a great experience to attend and see how he touches peoples lives. I am avidly looking forward to this.

Anyways - I just wanted to share.


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My mom just loved John Edward and faithfully watched his show several

times a day. I watched with her and I am a believer. I read his book

crossing over and I was impressed. Thats great you got tickets I have

tried but they sell out months in advance. I am sure it will be a great

experience. :) Haylee

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