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Tricky Life Insurance Questions


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I know my husband cannot get a regular Life Insurance policy because we would have to answer the health questions, or have a physical with reports from our doc, I know no one would touch us.

This year my employer offered a voluntary life insurance through a major insurance company with no questions asked, if you have never been turned down by them before, it is guaranteed, it says it is a one time only shot during open enrollment, because they are a new vendor with us. Now I can insure my husband at half of what I have.

If I do this is it insurance fraud, knowing he has cancer? Will they deny a claim because of his preexisting condition? It sounds really too good to believe. The insurance issue really bothers my husband, he knows I cannot afford the house on my salary and would have to sell if anything happens to him. I pretend I am not worried but truthfully I am scared to death what would happen to me. I know I could not afford to stay here.


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Oftentimes the policies have what they call something like a waiting period, meaning that the policy will pay no questions asked if the person liveds two years (usually it's two years) from issue. If not, they can go back and check medical records to find out information.

The thing to do would be to look at the policy closely to see if it contains any such wording. If not, then go for it. But if they are asking NO medical questions, they probably don't have such wording, but it would be best to try to find out first.


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Hi--- when my company changed insurance, we had the same thing to begin with----a new policy and no questions asked---so I do not think it is fraud at all--just the company policy at the time---

and my policy has nothing about preexisting because they knew about my cancer--

-people who are joining my company now, have to answer questions about their health---

since my company knew about my cancer, they did have to let the insurance company know-and I did have to sign a release for my medical records--but they could not turn me down, they just wanted to know their liability

---also, I took out additional insurance that I can take with me if I should leave the company (I cannot take the first policy if I leave)

but--every policy may be different

regards Eileen

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