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Sudden extreme pain


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2 sundays ago, my father all but colasped in the living room and I had to help him to the couch. His breathing was heavy and he said it hurt every where. He suffered a heart attack on Feb 1st(before all this cancer stuff) and at that time I had to beg him to go to the hospital. It worked and they gave him a shot that completely unblocked the artery. Well on that sunday he colasped, thats what it reminded me of. All though it was then just really bad heart burn. Yesterday he called me on his way to radiation and said he was just hurting to bad to go and asked if I would call the doc to reschedule. Dad likes the radiation because it has helped the pain tremedously in the past. My sister said he looked awful when he got home and he just went to bed. I asked her to stay with him unitl I got off work. By the time I got home He said he was feelling fine.

Has Anyone ever expierenced extreme pain all over like that? Is that a reaction from the topoteacan? Is this a common occurance?

I appreciate all of your thoughts on this and everything else in the past. Everyone here is so wonderful!

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It is very important to let the Dr know about this. If someone collapes in complete pain, they need to go to ER. If the Dr's can find it they at least have a chance of fixing it, if they don't know about it it may get left to late. Tell him to quit being strong, he needs to be sensible instead'!

end of rant!



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