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Nov idea #2--An idea to raise money for Lung Cancer


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My experience with Relays for Life taught me that it is not as difficult to get donations as I used to think.

So here is my idea for a fundraiser on a small scale for those who are not as ambitious as Heather and Renee and others to do large scale walks :)


1. Pick a date.

2. Pick a location--your house, a park, bowling alley, etc.

3. Get the tax ID number of the non profit of your choice (LCSC is a great choice) and solicit businesses to donate food for your fundraiser. (I can give you ideas on who to contact). Wham, you have your food.

4. Solicit businesses for "door prizes" or raffle prizes. It is pretty easy to get gift certificates to restaurants, tickets to attactions, etc.

5. Invite as many family and friends as you wish. The food will be donated, so it is free. There will be neat door prizes or raffle prizes.

6. Tell your family/friends that the party is in honor of Lung Cancer Awareness month and a celebration of life and ask each person to donate $10, or $20, or whatever. This is usually what people would spend anyway on bringing flowers or food or a bottle or whatever to a gathering.

7. Collect the money, send it in to the charity

If you are interested and want ideas on how to get donations and prizes, please contact me

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You can ask your local cancer center if they have information, pamphlets, etc, that you want to hand out.

First would be to pick the recipient of the funds. Whether it be LCSC, or any charity of your choice--the organization would have awareness materials to hand out. I know LCSC has a flyer and stuff. Also, other organizations would probably give you stuff to hand out.

It can be time consuming to call places asking for donations, but it is really rewardign b/c a lot are willing to help out. For instance I called Mimi's Cafe, got a gift certificate. Dave n Busters, Tony Roma's, Blockbusters, etc. I just called and asked and it was so easy!!!! Those make neat prizes.

And then for food----again, same thing, call local businesses and get hot food, deserts, donuts, etc :)

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