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Just got back from Center Treatment Centers of America....


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I took Wayne to the Tulsa center on Thursday. This is the BEST decision we have made since he was dx. He saw a lung specialist, rad. onc, oncologist, patient education nurse, pain management doctor, psychologist, nutrition nurse. They took x-rays, CT scans, full body scan to see exactly what's going on. Tuesday we're going back to find out the results and to see the naturopathic doctor.

All the doctors and specialists work together on your treatment. They all know what's going on at all times since they all use the same computer system. Everyone there is happy to help you and answer your questions or will call someone immediately to find out. One night, a nurse even called the oncologist at home at 10pm to ask what kind of an injection to give Wayne for his pain so he could sleep.

Everyone at the Center is offering us hope and that's the first time we've heard that from medical doctors (Wayne's local onc told us last appt. that Wayne should already be dead!).

The oncologist listened to our concerns about Wayne taking chemo and says that the chemo along with complimentary supplements should be well tolerated.

Another thing is that patients can stay in guest rooms at the Center for $30/night (much like a modest hotel room with a recliner in every room) with everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are computer rooms, game rooms, laundry and kitchen access. There is a cafeteria where breakfast is $1.50, lunch and dinner $3. The much of the food is organic, with lots of choices of entrees, salads, fruits, juices, teas and lots more. The great thing is that you can rest in your room betweens appts. and treatments.

We are lucky because we live only about 100 miles from Tulsa and can drive down for treatments. But, there were people there from all over the country. Sorry if I sound like a commerical but I really do wish we had gone to the CTCA first.

I do have a question for the people on this list: The onc. is recommending Gemzar for Wayne. I would like to know the possible side effects and if anyone has seen good results with this type of chemo.


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Sounds like you found a good place to be and to be treated. The positive attitude of the medical team means a great deal to being able to survive and thrive. I have just come off several months of Gemzar...I had infusion of premeds and then only that drug/2 weeks on and a week off for 8 treatments (one day for 2 weeks is a treatment). I had some fatigue/some rashes, mostly on my chest or scalp/a little increase in neuropathy (but I am prone to that) some diarrhea, and some thinning hair (which in the last session progressed to a few bald spots). All in all I would say my side effects weren't too bad. Good luck and I hope this treatment works wonders!



ps - Hollywood would be very interested in the bunny...would it like to play?

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Hi RoseAnn,

My husband is on gemzar and carboplain. His only complaint is it burns/aches while it is going in. They give it rather quickly-over a 30 minuted period. It helps to apply hot packs while it is gong in. He has not lost his hair and is working full time. He does have some problem with fatigue but not severe. Good luck with your treatment!


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The onc. is recommending Gemzar for Wayne. I would like to know the possible side effects and if anyone has seen good results with this type of chemo.


My wife just completed three ( 28-day ) treatment cycles with Gemzar and Carboplatin. Her main side effects were fatigue, weakness and G.I. Based on the just completed CT scans ( chest, abdomen / pelvis ) there was little if any net improvement in her condition as compared to pre-chemo CT scans. Also, because of the pain associated with peripheral vein administration of Gemzar ( as well as the risk of vein damage ) you may need to get a central line. About 50% of the Gemzar patients being treated by my wife's oncologist had to end up getting a central line due to Gemzar administration problems. My wife has thusfar resisted a central line and is relying on pain meds, heat and a slowed drip rate ( which her onc doesn't like ). Her biggest improvement is to her brain and spine but that was due to surgeries and WBR / spine radiation, not the chemo.

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I had gemzar as adjuvant therapy last year. It burned going in, but I didn't get a port, just had them use my hand veins. It was a quick treatment, about 30 minutes, and had no nausea, just kind of a sour stomach for a few days. It was tough on my blood counts though, and between that and the cisplatin I had to get arensep injections every two weeks.


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