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My turn to ask


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Hi all,

I guess it is my turn to ask a few questions.

My husband has been having problems in his throat area for about a couple of years now. Recently, his ENT said that the symptoms are those of a throat being damaged ny acid reflux. He ordered a chest x-ray anyway because my husband also has wheezing and on and off cough. The result of the x-ray is as follows:

FINDINGS: The cardiomediastinal size and silhouette and pulmonary vasculature are normal. There is a slightly unusual, 3 cm in diameter, oblique, mass-like density projecting in the right middle lobe on the lateral view, which may lie posterior to the right hilum on the frontal projection. Bones and soft tissues are normal.

IMPRESSION: Unusual, almost mass-like density in the region of the right middle lobe. This could represent an unusual contour of normal anatomy or prominent pericardial fat pad. A limited CT scan through this region is recomended for further evaluation, however.

When we saw the doctor last Friday he brushed off the x-ray and said that most likely it is nothing at all. He said that the chance of it turning into something serious is less than 5%.

Still this is quite unnerving to me especially having gone through 3 cancer situations in my family and at a time like this, what with two young kids (10, 4), and a new one on the way due in December.

My husband is trying to get a CT scan scheduled by next week.

My question is what could be the possible diagnosis (or a list of diagnosis) of that 'mass-like density' in his lung be?

Thanks for taking the chance to read my post.


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You are doing the right thing by getting the CT scan. There is only one way to find out exactly what this is and an x-ray is definately not a good enough test to determine exactly what is going on. On the other hand, don't worry too much until you have all the information. See what the ct scan says and go from there.

Hoping it is absolutely nothing like his doctor says, but as we all know, doing nothing is not the route to go!


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Thanks so much for your support! I know I can count on you guys to lift my spirits and ease my worries.

My husband is going to have CT scan of the chest on Friday. I'll probably have updates by middle of next week.

Once again thanks for all the support and prayers and God bless.


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