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Although I am currently being treatment with chemo I had a question for those of you who have choosen non-traditional methods of dealing with your cancer.

Bare with me.....I understand that diet and exercide can play a huge roll in cancer recovery and treatment. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on proper diet and excercise that I could check into. There are so many books in the stores, you just don't know which is good or not!

I thought that everyone here may have something to share. THANK YOU for your suggestions!

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Oh Boy Beth -- you have just jumped into my territory with both feet -- you may be sorry you asked! :wink:

If you are looking for post on nutrition/supplements/diet -- check out the "Alternative" thread. There are TONS of post in there. But, to get you started, some of my favorite books are:

"Beating Cancer With Nutrition" - by Patrick Quillin

"What to Eat When You Have Cancer"

I also follow a "modified" macrobiotic diet -- and find Christina Pirello to have the BEST cookbooks with great macro recipes and a simple explanation for why eating like that can cleanse your body.

I also try to walk on the treadmill about 2 miles a day (or walk outside when it is nice). It really has made a HUGE difference in my cough (from radiation). When I first finished treatment, I couldn't walk 10 minutes without a huge coughing fit. Now I walk 2 miles at a pretty brisk pace, and work up quite a sweat in the process :roll: , and don't cough at all. I wish I would have started working out sooner, but I am glad I did (Thanks Joe!! :wink: )

Anyway, go to the Alternative thread and you will find many post named "nutrition" or "macrobiotics" to give you a good start!

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