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2nd Opinion Today


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Well, today we meet w/new oncologist to get 2nd opinion/possibly change to his care.

My list of questions seems endless as I try to scale it down to 2 pages.

Yesterday we met w/current oncologist. Left there sorta' shocked, confused.

At onset of treatment, we asked what plan would be if treatment didn't produce adequate shrinkage to perform surgery. He said--cross that bridge when we get there.

Well, we're ready for round 2, he says if this doesn't do it, no surgey ever, only pallaitive care. I can't help but wonder how he can say that w/no new scans, and without input from a surgeon.

He arranged for second week of chemo for next week, and we wonder if we're just kind of stuck w/it now. If we switch doctors/cancer centers now, will delay in chemo reduce it's effectiveness, this treatment has been dubbed the "now or never". We asked radiation oncologist this morning, he said it wasn't highly advisable to disrupt schedule, but that he had no definitive data, ask medical oncologist.

I got J's complete medical history to date. In there I saw he's been staged at 3b, though when we asked, we were told either 2 or 3, but it didn't really matter, treatment would be same. I wonder why it wasn't clarified to us when staging was done. Is that normal?

I guess all we can do is listen to what this other guy thinks.

Thanks for being here.


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See the new oncologist, armed with all the medical records, and see what he/she says. Changing oncologists does not necessarily mean a delay in treatment. I can only stress what I have personally experienced and that is having a doctor with a positive attitude means a great deal. My best wishes on this...just lock step and keep going forward.



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A second opinion is ALWAYS a good idea--as scary as it can be.

And, if the doctors will coordinate--you DO NOT have to delay treatment (Geoff's mom switched from one hospital to another--and one onc. to another--without any delay).

Let us know what the second onc. has to say.

Keeping you in my thoughts.


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